Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Clinic and the Key

so me and Gracia were assigned to make a mural for the clinic. We made a few designs and the nurse liked this one. Origionally it was only the thing that said clinic with the stethiscope (i'm not really sure who drew the origional design), but she wanted it to have CHS somewhere on it, so we remade it with CHS (for Chantilly High School). Eventually this will be on the wall in the nurses office:

In art class, they gave us a Skeleton key and told us to use it as inspiration for a drawing or add stuff to the key and make it jewelry or something, we can paint it...etc... Not sure what I'm going to do with it. Why's it called a Skeleton Key anyway?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Big hand or small people?

I made this today, no particular reason why I made it, I just did. I kinda like it. I drew it in my sketch book, at first it was just going to be a black-and-white contour drawing, then I colored it in.

new blog

Hey everyone! I started blogging again (lets see if i can keep it going this time). I'm going to be blogging mostly artwork, not just drawings and stuff, like photography too, and music, and other forms of art. My mom can blog about all the everyday stuff we do, and i'll just blog about everyday artsy stuff. At school, I'm in Art 1 and on Mondays, Art club. Everyday I like walking down the halls at school and looking at all the new artwork hung up on the walls, and at all the murals Art club makes. I also think that other art should also be recognized.... like riding horses for example :) and poetry and things that don't particularly pop right into your head when you think of art. Ok so my blog is like about a lot of things, but like a lot of things are art. I think this will be fun!

Art club banner for homecoming 2009 'Knight of the Circus'

Picture i drew a while ago, I don't have any really recent art yet, but I'll get some up soonish
Photo I edited on

Super-awesome. photo taken by mom in the capitol building.