Friday, March 26, 2010

Back to Doing What I Do Best...

... Riding

  I made this blog with the intention of putting mostly artwork that I draw or paint or whatever. But really, there is no possible way for me to have a blog and not post about riding. You see, although I love art, my truest passion is horseback riding, and it always has been sense I was 4 years old. I haven't ridden in almost 2 years, it feels so good to be back in the saddle. The horse I'm riding? His name is Red (obviously because he is red of course), the camera, although it is really good, new camera, does him no justice, he is gorgeous. His coat is redder in person and soft, he's really muscular, has to be at least 16 hands, maybe taller, he's a thoroughbred gelding, and is built like a perfect hunter horse (hunter is the style I ride). He kind of has a bouncy canter, but that's cool. He was kinda slow sometimes and he reminded me of Dandee (the horse I rode in Washington).

  I was expecting to be a bit rusty after the 2 years of equine sobriety, but I wasn't exactly anticipating just how out of shape I was, I was literally huffing after cantering, I mean, I had to catch my breath. Despite the common misunderstandings, riding gives you quite a work out.

And my little sister Julia rides aswell! She is riding an adorable little pony named Luke.

Mike is a really good trainer who actually knows what he's talking about. I'm excited to be starting riding lessons with him!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Musical Monday

This is the song that's been stuck in my head all week. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!

  It has been absolutely beautiful weather lately. Its great to just go outside all day and, you know, blow bubbles, read, draw, hula-hoop, go for a walk, basically just hang out outside while you blast music inside so you can hear it outside (and so can your neighbors). I wish everyday could be like today.
 The sketchbook I'm using is one my aunt Beth  gave to me last week for Christmas........
She just sent out her Christmas presents, which is fine with me because it's fun opening presents in March, in fact, we should have a lot more present-giving holidays, don't you think?  Anyway, here are some other things I drew in the sketchbook. (thanks Beth)

Just a doodle of a robot relaxing under a tree on his day off, and I am a strong believer that even robots should get days off.  :P

I was sitting in the Art room at school and I didn't know what to draw, I lacked inspiration and was just staring at the blank page. Then Gracia randomly took my pencil and drew glasses in the middle of the paper. So i drew the eyes and the head and hair and everything else: all inspired by the glasses, (she's a crazy artist lady) and Gracia named her Susi. It was a team effort.

   BTW: I'm going to start riding lessons again on Thursday!!! I'm soooo excited!!!!!