Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You know where you can find some really interesting artwork? On the side of people's homework. You know, when your in class and your bio teacher is boring you and you start zoning out so you mindlessly doodle on the side of your paper and voila! A masterpiece revealing your innermost thoughts, desires, imagination or lack-of is created before your very unconsecrated, glazed eyes. Shamefully most of these works of art are thrown out in the garbage, or for the environmentally conscious, in the recycling - never to be seen again. :( But fortunately I, queen of doodling-in-class, saved a few of my works of art to share with all of you lucky people today :P

This is one created in Spanish, it started out as a couple swirls, then a couple more, then... well... it's hard to explain my thinking process during this because for the most part I think there was none. But it's pretty!

Again in Spanish. They're pretty robot-like figures. I start with any random shape and build on it. Voy al clase de espanol y dibujar todo el dia, pero todavia aprender mucho.

This is in biology, the most boring class ever - this picture is actually really small in real life, but I cropped it and stuff. I guess this is a house in the country on a stormy day.

This guy was created in English class - I was really tired that day and its my last class of the day so I just wanted to get it over with so I could go home. I really just started drawing something that ended up being an eye, then  pop - there's a nose then another soulless, zombie-like eye, then everything else kinda followed and I realized it really kinda matched my mood at the moment.

This I made today because I was bored in English after I finished the test early. Pretty, simple, and colorful. I was this close to throwing them in the recycling (that's right, i'm one of the environmentally conscious ones) but then I thought - nahh! I'll just post them on my blog and then I'll throw them in the recycling.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This week's Illustration Friday topic is Clumsy

This rider was clumsy and forgot his equitation, he didn't ride his horse to the jump correctly, it seems like he didn't ride his horse at a straight line to the jump and  probably forgot to count his strides and his horse was a couple strides off so when the horse got up to the jump he refused. Now, the rider could have stayed on if he hadn't gotten up in his two-point too early and neglected to keep his heels down. He also didn't let go of the reins when he fell over the horse's head. But you know, it was probably just a fluke, I mean he is in a pretty high rated show, so its probably not like he's a bad rider... just this one time he very inconveniently messed up today, it happens to us all, not necessarily resulting in this, but  we all mess up our equitation once and a while, but I'm sure he'll be extra careful next time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reading Chair

For my art class homework assignment we're supposed to draw a chair from observation. Seemed kind of odd, I'm so used to her being so vague about our assignments like: Draw something using inspiration from this word/phrase or this wrapper or this peice of chocolate and then leaving the rest up to us. But yesterday she said: draw a chair in your house from observation with pencil. I'm like, atleast I don't have to spend so much time thinking about what to draw, and It wasn't hard to pick which chair I was going to draw. Its the chair i spend hours reading in. :) 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Cold Blooded Murder of the Jack in the Box

So this just started out as a square that turned into a box... then it was a jack in the box... then, while jack thought he was safe tucked away in his little box, waiting to pounce at the next victim who dared turn the handle and that played the song and opens the top of the box for him to spring, the teddy bear took the spear and through it and it pierced right through the box and skewered poor Jack!